Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Returning to Japan

In less than a month I'll be returning to Japan. As of the time of writing this post I have returned to being at 98.8% of my support goal. Once I have reached 100%, my mission will clear me to purchase plane tickets and I'll be able to give an exact date for my departure/return.

God has been incredibly faithful in providing for all of my needs over these past few months and I am grateful for everyone's prayers and support. This past year has been a time for reconnecting with friends, family and supporters; and sharing about the spiritual needs of the Japanese people. Thanks to your prayers I am feeling much healthier than when I arrived back in the States a year ago--mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There are some logistical things that have to happen between now and my return to Japan--and a lot more considerations once I hit the ground. Please pray for the final 1.2% of my support. Please also pray for wisdom regarding my living situation and language refresher once I return to Japan.

One of my hopes is that I will also be able to develop a better rhythm for writing updates regarding my ministry and communicate better with my supporters and supporting churches. Hopefully these aren't just empty sentiments, but I will be faithful in these regards.

More updates soon!

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